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Snags & Pin Holes Say Goodbye! Hijab Magnets with No Snags are now available!

Are you tired of your hijab having so many holes and snags? Or do these hijab pins cause you to injure yourself on a regular basis?

echarpeboutique Hijab magnets are the next best thing to traditional hijab pins, which snag hijabs, cause skin discomfort, and shorten the life of your scarf. You may fix the hijab fabric beneath your chin and back of your head with our new hijab magnets, or you can easily position and secure your headscarf on your garments.

Hijab magnets have a very smooth surface and a simple shape, making them incredibly minimal and easy to wear. Our Hijab magnets are so strong that they can hold even the most delicate hijab materials like Chiffon Silks and Crepes, as well as thicker fabrics like Cotton Blends and Cotton Jerseys, and Modals, all while causing no irritation to your skin.

A Perfect Alternative To Hijab Pins!

  • Extremely strong grip
  • Nickel-free product
  • There are no snags and no skin irritations.
  • 3 colors available
  • 2 magnets, 1cm